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Although no-one ever wants to be in a situation that requires a tow-truck, these moments seem to occur when they’re least expected and least welcome. If you ever find yourself stuck and in need of some heavy-lifting, you should use a service that meets your requirements in your area, on budget and with a good reputation. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before choosing a towing company:

1. Does the company provide the service you’re looking for?

Not all tow truck companies provide the same services and often specialise in certain situations – ensure that the company you choose does what you need it to. 24-hour roadside assistance is needed for breakdowns, flat tires, and empty fuel tanks. Other companies which specialise in transporting heavy vehicles (tractors, trailers etc) are, however, less suited to assist in emergency situations. Long distance carriers are needed for moving vehicles to distant destinations and impound companies are required to remove illegally parked vehicles.

2. Does the company operate in your location?

Selecting the best company for your situation is pointless if that company does not operate on routes which include your current location. Be sure to check which regions the company provides services to before paying any fees.

3. Is the service affordable?

To avoid surprise charges, make sure to agree on a fee before your vehicle is removed. Towing services usually charge a hook-up fee (to attach the vehicle to the truck) in addition to a price-per-mile fee. Using the PPM, you can estimate the total cost of towing and determine the best destination for the vehicle. Be aware of companies willing to exploit an emergency situation for higher fees but note that quality service doesn’t always come cheap.

4. How reputable and what quality of service is the company likely to provide?

It is important to trust the company to ensure your peace-of-mind. Online reviews give a good indication of the quality of service but be mindful of fake reviews which may inflate a business’s rating. It often comes down to the helpfulness of the operators and how courteous the technicians are, to judge the customer service experience. Ensure the company’s website or app advertises certified, experienced operators, quick responses and high-quality repairs.

A reliable company, in addition to supplying the equipment and experienced staff, should be committed to providing personal and professional assistance. Once you’re certain to be in safe-hands make sure to save the details of the company for if and when you may need them again.