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If you get into trouble you really want a tow truck nearby as soon as possible. Living in South Africa is amazing: it is a beautiful country, with great weather, and some lovely people… but it has its problems too. One of those is crime. And related to that is violence.

We don’t want to speak “doom and gloom” but when you break down on the side of the road you do not want to be near an informal settlement, or an unsafe area, and you certainly don’t want to be there at night. Even a person with bad intentions that is driving past may become a problem – they may see you as a great opportunity for a robbery as you are a sitting duck with no way of escaping.

Thankfully, nowadays you can phone someone, and can be assisted relatively quickly. But, sometimes you do not know how long they will take in arriving. Some tow truck drivers will give an accurate estimation, but others may promise a quick arrival to ensure they get your business. A wise tow truck driver will send a live location pin – available now through Whatsapp for free (except any data cost) – that gives you peace of mind. However, if you don’t get one, the anxiety of worrying what could happen is not a pleasant feeling.

The wonderful thing is that with modern technology, and this website, we hope to connect customers to reliable, speedy tow truck drivers that are nearby that will arrive on time, or even before the suggested time!